19 Best PR Tools for 2019 and Beyond!

If you’re a company doing your own PR, or if you are doing PR for other companies, there are plenty of tools to gain the media attention that you need. It’s not easy to sift through all of the products out there, which is why we have produced this comprehensive list of top products for you to try.

Here is a list of 19 of the Best PR tools needed for every step from building your content to distributing it.


The best PR tool currently available


This is our list so it might seem obvious that we’re going to put our tool first, but that’s because we have so much faith in our product.

Here’s why:

Hooty offers access to so many easy-to-use features that make getting press easy. Hooty has…

  • A video pitch builder (totally unique feature!) 
  • The single largest database of journalists on the internet. 
  • The ability to search for articles and reach out to journalists cover specific angles.
  • The capacity to build mailing lists and send mass email campaigns. 
  • An option to subscribe to #newsjacking alerts so that you can stay on top of your niche

Hooty offers users the best option for user-friendly software. Companies who need to build their own PR will find this extremely helpful. Plus, we’re a low-cost provider with advanced features. 


How to come up with great content

  • AnswerThePublic is like a search engine for ideas. It allows you to really get into the mind of your audience by giving you content ideas based on a topic.
  • Buzzsumo shows you what kind of content is performing well and then tells you how to create content for yourself that will do the same.
  • Subject Line helps you come up with the incredibly important task of crafting that attention-grabbing storyline that will make people want to click on your story.
  • Prezly provides a platform through which you can do everything you need to do with your press releases. It keeps track of your contacts, publishes your news, and gives you a place to pitch.
  • Grammarly is an all-around useful writing tool that guarantees grammatically accurate and plagiarism-free pieces.



How to distribute your content


  • MarketWired is a distribution channel that helps you reach your audience through various channels depending on your specific needs.
  • PR.co lets you create a digital newsroom, publish your news, and distribute it to the right sources.


Tools that will help you reach journalists and writers


  • NinjaOutreach allows users to more adequately automate their outreach. Because of its large database, users can access millions of email addresses and profiles. You can create and automate email campaigns based on your goals and preferences.  
  • Haro. Registered journalists can send out information about their story and desired sources, and you can respond if interested.
  • ProfNet is useful in that it creates a community where it’s easy to contact journalists who are an expert in your field.
  • SourceBottle provides journalists with the opportunity to post requests for sources relevant to their industry. You can receive email alerts containing notifications about all relevant requests, which are generally focused on the possibility to secure sponsorship or to have someone review products.


How to monitor your brand ‘s media presence


  • Critical Mention notifies you whenever your brand is mentioned through various forms of media.
  • Brandseye doesn’t just let you know if your topic or brand is trending, but it also tells you how people are interpreting it. It mines content to determine the ways (positive and negative) that word-of-mouth may be impacting your business.
  • Sparktoro taps into what inspires your audience so that you can better understand them. It looks at the channels they watch, the music they listen to, where they spend time, and more.
  • TrendKite allows you to see exactly how media impacts your business. It can show you the number of readers that visit your website after reading media that mentions your organization.



Miscellaneous Tools


  • CoverageBook makes it possible to easily compose visually pleasing reports based on all of your links. It’s a great way to show off progress and metrics to your clients.
  • Crystal helps you better communicate with journalists and influencers by analyzing and identifying their target communication style.
  • PRGloo provides you with plenty of easy to use tools on one platform.



It’s difficult to find a PR product that works perfectly for your company. Knowing where to begin can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve compiled this list — to make managing your PR easy. Depending on your goals, the list of PR products above can provide you with the tools necessary to gain media attention and create compelling content.  

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